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This is your headquarters for economically priced, evidence-based CNA Inservice training materials for nurse assistants involved in caring for the elderly and those with Alzheimer's Disease. 

For over 25 years: Excellence in caregiver training

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  • A "Professional CNA Development" section in each issue that gives effective training on the most serious nurse assistant caregiving pitfalls that can cause major (even legal!) problems in elder care!
  • Training topics on Person-Centered Caregiving and Customer Care… hot new areas now being emphasized by the CMS! (Which can be difficult to teach!)
  • Plus, each issue is packed with current, valuable topics that satisfy the CMS Nurse Assistant Continuing Education Requirements, including substantial information on Alzheimer's caregiving, resolving problem behaviors, daily caregiving activities and more!

Free training downloads for your busy staff!

Each issue includes these time-saving training bonuses for your busy staff:

  • An Inservice Training Quiz, along with discussion questions!
  • Free online access to your subscriber site, where you can download:

-- A PDF copy of each issue
-- A set of Powerpoint Slides, with teacher's notes! (Slides and notes are also available
in PDF format for those without PowerPoint!)
--Other training and educational materials!

By using the free, pre-prepared, training materials included with each issue, your busy staff can conveniently be involved in personal instruction on each topic… having a teacher involved is much more effective than Internet-only training!

All this delivered to your training staff every month, for only $120/year. You can train your entire nurse assistant staff, plus get all those free, ready-to-use training materials, for only $10/month! What a great bargain!

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Certified Dementia Practitioner Members

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Published bi-monthly, Alzheimer's Care Guide brings you the latest in evidence-based Alzheimer's caregiver news! Information for both CNAs and Nurses!

Only $65/year for all that valuable Alzheimer's Inservice Training and education!

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Save big on our
Save Big On Our Downloadable Publications
Downloadable Publications!
  • These are helpful, evidence-based  publications, each instantly available to you as a PDF download!
  • Very economically priced, because of no printing and shipping costs!
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Activities for Everyone!
A 130-page resource packed with hundreds of activities, puzzles and calendar ideas… enough for the entire year! Only $25! (Compare at $75-$100!) Click for more information.

CNA Training Complete 1 hour Inservice Training Packages!


Stepping On


Our TIme Our Time

14-session person-centered program, designed to bring out the unique, individual personalities of dementia residents… that combines both effectiveness and simplicity.

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