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Care4Elders CNA Caregiving News
Delivers monthly CNA caregiving news, personal improvement tips, and an Inservice Training article. Includes free downloadable slides and other educational materials.
  • Observing and Reporting Skills: June 2016 Inservice Training article with quiz.
  • Adapt your caregiving to their changing needs
  • Elastic band exercises for elders in wheelchairs
  • Effectively detect pain in elders with dementia
  • Prevention of pressure ulcers
    Personal improvement tips:
  • Watch out for compassion fatique
  • Tips for being an effective team member
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Alzheimer's Care Guide

Alzheimer's Care Guide - The magazine for Alzheimer's Caregivers
The magazine for Alzheimer's Caregivers. Each issue includes a CE training article with quiz, plus free downloadable activities and educational materials.
  • Tips on having the best possible relationships with your Alzheimer's elders
  • Using rhyming to create fun and laughter
  • Lively Cinco de Mayo activity
  • Using photos as an activity
  • The latest caregiving research
  • Inservice article with quiz.
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Stepping On!

Stepping On! An elderly falls prevention program
Falls prevention program.
The 3rd N. American edition!"

It's one of the few programs in the world that's university research-proven to reduce falls in elders! And by a whopping 30%!

It's a fun activity that can give huge benefits to your elders, as falls are a disaster... and life-threatening situation... for many elders every year!

Don't delay! Only $95, plus $11 shipping. A real bargain for such a valuable program. (And Federal grants may be available!)

Learn more about the Stepping On! program here

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  • Caregiver burnout: Have you ever tried a "mantram"? (Free information available)
  • Free education for end of life care
  • CMS toughening inspections
  • Help with wandering problems
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Caregiving News!

According to Google, developing effective teams boils down to only two things that team leaders need to do.

In an editorial in the May issue of Nurse Management, editor Rosanne Raso, RN, said that Google research into leadership and effective teams has found that there are only two "essential attributes" of successful teams: (Read more...)

Computerized "virtual reality" gives nurses realistic practice in new teaching technology developed at Boise State University, in Idaho

The Boise State nursing program says it is developing a nurse training program that "looks like a scene straight out of a sci-fi movie". And that it will likely cause major changes and improvements in nursing education in the future. (Read more...)

CMS Adds New Quality Measures to Nursing Home Compare Website

The CMS has added 6 new Quality Measures (QMs) to its Nursing Home Compare website... the largest addition of quality measures to Nursing Home Compare since 2003! (Read more...)

Good things happen when residents help decide how their nursing home should be run!

Intitiating a fullblown person-centered caring program has made for happy residents and staff at this nursing home! (Read more...)

Grants for falls prevention programs available from AoA

Do you have a falls prevention program that you're interested in developing? The Administration on Aging has 8 grants available, of $300,000 - $600,000 each, to offset the cost of developing falls prevention programs. (Read more...)

CMS releases first ever home health patient experience of care star ratings

CMS releases first ever home health patient experience of care star ratings.The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has introduced the first "patient experience of care star ratings" on its Home Health Compare website. (Read more...)

Medicare toughens Quality Measures Enforcement.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has recently signifi cantly toughened its nursing home quality of care requirements. And this has resulted in one-third of nursing homes having their ratings lowered by the federal government. (Read more...)

New nursing home regulations proposed. Emphasis on CNA training and skills.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has published in the Federal Register a long list of proposed regulations for nursing homes involving many aspects of longterm care.

In this list is a proposal for much more emphasis on person-centered care, including new regulations for the increased involvement and training of CNAs in person-centered care. (Read more...)

Caregiving Blogs!

If you'd like to submit a blog involving any aspect of eldercare, send a query to
We will respond immediately, and if it contributes to helpful, practical caregiving knowledge, we will publish it!

Care4Elders Columnist Lorena TonarelliLorena Tonarelli, MSC
Caregiving Research Reporter

Get your CNAs ready for the next stage of the person-centered care revolution

The journal BMC Geriatrics published an interesting study on ways CNAs can build caring relationships with nursing home residents. (Read more...)

Care4Elders Columnist Susan BergSusan Berg
Certified Dementia Practitioner

How to have the Best Possible Relationship with those who have Dementia (Part 2)

We have a resident who is declining cognitively. She often asks, Where am I? or What am I doing here?. We answer that she is here with us, and that we are about to have some fun. Often she forgets we told her this. She used to love bingo (Read more...)

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